Liga Medika 2021


Indonesian International (Bio) Medical Students’ Congress

INAMSC (Indonesian International (Bio) Medical Students’ Congress) is a cluster of scientific events that is part of Liga Medika comprising scientific competitions and symposium-workshop. The scientific competitions consist of literature review, research paper and poster, educational video, and public poster. Taking up the “Respiratory Disease” theme, this year’s online event opens for national and international health and/or biomedical science university students. This event will be held June 19th - 27th 2021.

Literature Review

"Respiratory disease” as the main theme for Literature review competition in Liga Medika 2021. Open for all biomedical university students worldwide with 3 stages of competition.


Research Paper and Poster

Research paper and poster (RPP) competition is an original research paper competition intended for young researchers from health and/or biomedical science-related fields worldwide. Appreciating the importance of research as the fundamental aspect of medical development, RPP competition is held to facilitate young researchers to present their research and to exchange knowledge with other participants.


Public Poster

Public poster creating competition for biomedical students nationwide which can be a visual communication medium to increase public awareness about respiratory health.

INAMSC Public Poster

Edu Video

Videography is a work that has a role to support Indonesia's health and can be enjoyed by the wider community.

INAMSC Edu Video


We proudly present, INAMSC 2021 is coming back with a new interesting Symposium and Workshop. Presenting Respiratory Diseases as our main topic this year, Liga Medika 2021 invites all health science cluster students to join our Symposium in the form of Webinar Series and Online Workshop presented by our experts. Don't miss the opportunity to enrich your knowledge and get your best experience at INAMSC's Symposium and Workshop 2021

Details and Registration

To Be Announced

INAMSC Webinar/Symposium

Competition Info

Penyisihan (Pengisian 24 Feb — 14 Apr)

for Literature Review, RPP, Public Poster, and Edu Video

Semifinal / Final (Pengisian 14 Mei — Selesai)

for Literature Review, RPP, Public Poster, and Edu Video

  • → Guideline Semifinal/Final: Soon